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Dan Comiskey speaks on the importance of leadership and safety in the workplace as well as creating mindful habits and overcoming adversity. With a combination of twenty years experience in football and over a decade in industrial safety, Dan has become a sought after Canadian safety speaker by numerous organizations to deliver his message and improve safety culture through his leadership coaching. From frontline workers or leadership groups at safety meetings to mixed audiences at conferences, Dan's versatility and knowledge shines through in his ability to reach all audiences.

"I would recommend to any company looking to improve and inspire their

employees, to consider bringing Dan Comiskey in to speak."

Field Supervisor—Independent Well Servicing

Dan Comiskey pass blocking for Ricky Ray in 2005.




“You’re either leading by example or you're misleading by example. The transformative "butterfly effect" is about adopting incremental good habits, character building and leadership."

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