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The Bridge Podcast with Dan Comiskey

Welcome to “The Bridge,” the podcast that bridges the gap between senior leadership and people in the field. Hosted by Dan Comiskey, “the Bridge” brings together leaders from the construction and manufacturing industries as well as influential figures from the military and athletes form the world of professional sports.


Our Mission is to foster conversations the provide listeners with practical, real-world resources to enhance communicating between leaders and workers.  By addressing the communication gap that often leads to injuries, fatalities and other significant losses in business, we aim to create safer, more efficient and harmonious workplaces.


Tune in to hear industry and military experts and sports leaders as they share their insights, experiences and strategies for effective leadership and collaboration.  Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career, “The Bridge” offers valuable lessons and actionable advice to help BRIDGE THE GAP in your own organization.


Join us on “The Bridge” – where leadership meets the field and together we build a safer and more connected world.

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