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visible safety leadership

Visible Safety Leadership: This program was designed to develop understanding and experience to engage the workforce during leadership visits with the ultimate goal to be informed leaders which will better enable your decision-making process.  Leaders also encourage and verify the use of safety policies, practices, and programs for your company. 

We use “Visible Safety Leadership Engagement” to:


  • Capitalize on the opportunity of being present in the field.  It allows leaders to discuss safety, changes, and challenges with people at the workface giving us the opportunity to learn where their pain is and where we may need to help

  • Demonstrate your leader’s commitment to a safe workplace by following the safety protocol and actively engaging with people

  • Provide the workers performing the work the confidence to know they are supported in their efforts to work safely by you the supervisor

  • Keep a finger on the pulse of issues that are happening in the field

  • Build relationships of trust with the workforce

  • Stimulate dialogue and drive improvements through active follow up of actions found in the field

     For more information on systems, pricing, and terms, request your free consultation.

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