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testimonial 2

"The feedback from our employees that attended the event was highly positive. After concluding his message our employees broke into an outstanding applause at all venues. Simply put, Mr. Comiskey was an overwhelming hit!"


Corporate Manager—ATCO Electric

“Dan is a passionate speaker who puts his heart and soul into his presentation. He really cares about people and their welfare, and that comes through loud and clear in his powerful presentation.”


President—Ocean Contracting

testimonial 3

“Dan was a team leader with our organization for years. He never had any trouble speaking from the front of the room when the need presented itself. He was also a terrific speaker at our corporate breakfasts. I highly recommend Dan as a speaker.”


Head Coach/GM—Edmonton Eskimos

Testimonial 4

“Our supervisors were emotionally affected. Dan changed their perspective on coaching safety.”



"It was very hard to hold back tears in a room full of big tough construction workers. Your passion is needed in our profession and I think you hit home to many people. My crews were very thankful to sit in on your session. Keep up the good work.”


Electrical Superintendent—Shell, Albian Sands

“Dan, I would like to thank you for the very moving presentation you put on at Taurus Site Services Inc. Watching you engage all of our construction workers and have them waiting for your next sentence was amazing. I am so happy to see you have such a passion in our industry and profession and I think you hit home to a lot of people. My crews continue to speak of your visit and your openness to them and allowing the pictures with you and your ring were a huge success.


Manager, Safety—Taurus Projects Group

testimonial 5
testimonial 6

“I would recommend to any company looking to improve and inspire their employees to consider bringing Dan Comiskey in to speak. His professional football experience, combined with his oilfield experience and personal experiences and loss, make Dan the right person to inspire young and experienced workers alike care about the person working alongside them.”


Field Supervisor—Independent Well Servicing

testimonial 7

“Dan is an animated speaker who got the audience involved. His presentation was passionate and he related to the audience

very well through his examples. We would recommend Dan for any company looking to move toward an independent safety


CRSP—Celanese EVA Polymers

testimonial 8
testimonial 9

“That was a powerful presentation! You had a clear impact on the room.  You have an unforgettable story; Beautifully depicted by the way.  Thank you for sharing it and taking the power it hold to empower others."

Safety Advisor Arc Resources

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