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Dan poignantly draws you into his world of sports and family to help each of us continue to strive for our passions as we fight through the inevitable challenges that we all face.  As we go through these challenges we need to use everything at our disposal to protect ourselves and the ones we love from life altering or ending injuries.  One of the biggest weapons that we all have in this journey is the ability to create our own habits.

Dan will explain how small initial changes lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. How? Incremental improvements become habit forming. In fact, they become part of character-building, or they become stumbling blocks.

We can either use the power of habits to help us create a safe work environment and a safe home life or we can choose to ignore the power of these behaviours. If we choose to ignore this power, we could be missing the opportunity for success or life.

If you need your people to grasp the power of their habits...

If you are watching complacency creep into your office or worksite...

Then you need to have Dan introduce them to the Power of Habit!

*As with all of Dan's keynotes, the message is tailorable to your company goals and message.

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