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Life is a team game just like football. The margin for error in either game is so small that a step in the wrong direction makes the difference between winning or losing and between living or dying. The other constant in both games is the need for absolute commitment. Everyone must be 100 percent accountable to their team and this commitment is essential for any degree of success.  

There are so many distractions affecting your people today. They have access to everything they need at the touch of a button, and that doesn't even begin to address the distractions coming from every angle.


We know that small choices lead to large consequences over time for ourselves and the world around us. Incremental choices lead to huge outcomes that improve or detract from our lives.  Our choices affect more than the person making them. Our choices affect our family and friends, and people we don't know, in ways we'd never imagine.

If you need your team to fight through all the distractions so they can be present in their tasks...

If you want them to fight through the fog to make the right decisions and follow the procedures that will keep them safe...

If you need a commitment from everyone on your team...


Then you need to remind them that everything matters. At the end of the day, everyone has to count on each other and that's the point!

*As with all of Dan's keynotes, the message is tailorable to your company goals and message.

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