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Dan Comiskey played in the Canadian Football League for 13 seasons retiring in 2010 as a perennial all-star, but more importantly to him, as part of two Grey Cup Championship's with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Throughout the last half of his career Dan became passionate about worker’s safety and started developing leadership and behavioural programs that were used by major oil and gas, construction and manufacturing companies. These programs included classroom leadership training as a field level leadership coaching program designed to improve leadership and safety culture.

Dan has co-authored a number of books including The Truth About Success, Enduring Principles of Leadership and Thirty-Eight Stories in Coaching.

There is no audience that Dan is unable to reach, from frontline workers or leadership groups at safety meetings, to mixed audience conferences.  With a combination of twenty years experience in football, and a decade of experience in industrial safety, Dan has become sought after by numerous organizations to deliver his message and improve the safety culture through his leadership coaching.

Dan Comiskey
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