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Frontline Leadership Coaching

The objective of this formal Front Line Leadership Coaching process is to empower our front line leaders with knowledge and tools enabling them to engage daily with workers with focus and purpose.

Dan starts by teaching a system for the creation of small habits, which will have a domino effect on the lives of their employees and a larger affect on the over all safety culture.  These habits are carefully chosen through consultation and fit to the area in the participants lives which needs measurable and effective results. 


Specifically crafted to implement lasting and measurable change, and create dramatic results with your safety culture, it can be implemented in two ways:


  1. Individual Frontline Leadership Coaching

  2. Group Frontline Leadership Coaching


Designed to attack the areas of difficulty in a safety culture, the Leadership Coaching will implement beneficial behaviours into your team, which will create LONG LASTING and MEASURABLE RESULTS for your people and team.


There are four areas specifically addressed through this program, but in truth the list can be expanded to different areas of your teams working and personal lives if so desired.


  1. Safe Production

  2. Health

  3. Well-being

  4. Communication


We help create massive change in your culture with a system that does not wear out or get old.  A system that will create compound growth in your safety culture, help your people grow company productivity and effectively create another deterrent to workplace incidents and injury.


For more information on systems, pricing, and terms, request your free consultation.

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